Energy Landscapes

Today I gave a paper at the European Conference of the Landscape Research Group
Energy Landscapes Perception, Planning, Participation and Power

It needed more crafting as I have more fieldwork to do, and academic reading to complete, however presenting it helped. It’s now time to think about shaping it the way I did for a project called theirwork which is published in Re-thinking Maps. (Connolly, E. & Williamson, D. (2009) ‘theirwork: The Development of a Sustainable Mapping Tool’, Rethinking Maps: New Frontiers in Cartographic Theory, London: Routledge.)

Is TAGSCAPE something I can interject into different spaces? If so, are they going to be spaces that negotiate energy production on a larger scale? Patrick Devine-Wright’s key note speech helped me to think about the different people that I gather data from in the context of landscape and resource use. At the end of my talk, he said it will be interesting to see if I can take TAGSCAPE into an energy landscape. To achieve this, as Bryony Fowler of Clean Earth Energy pointed, I need to develop a tool kit. At the moment, I am working on natural and perceptual data collection however, I have always been thinking about how to interject the small-scale charcoal making that happens at Crenver (Beech) Grove, and the commercial softwood production that is Bellever Forest.


On Friday I go on a field trip to Leipzig. It’s a good time to be taken out of context – The field trip includes a walk along the Parthe river and a ‘pic nic discussion’ with researchers and stakeholders from the region.