Tagscape Exhibition 1 – Vivarium 4

Woodscape by Ryan and his grandmother, 13th Feb 2016
Location: Boundary of Dartmoor National Park, Devon

Vivarium 5_web

The below vivarium was considered and built during the duration of the exhibition ‘Tagscape: Come Map with Me’ by MSc Environmental Consultancy student Ryan Putt and his grandmother.

Vivarium 1   Vivarium 4

It is a semi-Natural Broadleaved Woodland, part of a larger connected corridor of woodland patches that run alongside the boundary of Dartmoor National Park. The ‘Lud Brook’ weaves through the woodland, passing through the villages of Moorhaven and Bittaford (close to Ivybridge).

Ryan was asked to build a vivarium and collect data. He decided to keep the data unstructured and captured some incognito perceptual data whilst his grandmother took control of the making. He also recorded the process via images with his phone.

Yesterday Evening (Feb 12th)

“I’m thoroughly looking forward to it, it should be really interesting”

Throughout and After the Process

“I could sit here all day and watch the woodland. You’re always on the edge, expecting something to happen. It’s always changing. I love it here, every season adds a different element of beauty”

“Look at all the lovely moss. The bluebells will look excellent in spring. Just you wait until summer, it’ll be beautiful. I feel connected with nature”

“It’s quite cold but I think it’ll be worth it. The vivarium is going to look great”

“It’s all muddy and leafy and wet. Lots of moisture around”

“I haven’t been down this path in years”

“That was nice, I really enjoyed that. On a nice hot summer day it would be even better. It certainly makes people aware of their environment”

“You can see the diversity of species. I think we’re really captured the woodland here. You can smell it too! It’s earthy”

Vivarium 2  Vivarium 3