tagscape goes to Mauritius!

Photograph by Andy Hughes

This time last week exactly, I had just finished making aquarium-based coastscapes with this community from Anse la Raie in Mauritius. More to come later but let’s just say, my dream of working with participatory video, QGIS and viviariums is completely coming to life through a project titled Coral Communities.

This element of tagscape is under development with many partners and is led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

The work focuses almost entirely on seascapes and is funded by The Natural Environment Research Council. There is much to develop so watch this space and the hashtag #coralcommunities. Photographers Andy Hughes and Jason Parsons are helping the hashtag come alive as well as making a film about how to do the coastscape community work.  Read more here –  one our first pieces of press.

Here is an overview of the project.