Who’s Involved

TAGSCAPE is a project that explores ways of visualizing information about natural landscapes and turning it into innovative maps that will engage the general public and not just the specialist. Our source is not only geo-located data (the position of an object given in latitude and longitude) but also includes perceptual data – people’s feelings about a particular location as well as the value they place on it.

Below are the key people involved in the project but there are also project partners attached to the seascape element of the project such as Plymouth Marine Laboratory.


Locating the Oldest Lady of the Woods in Crenver Grove, Praze-An-Beeble, Cornwall
via Geocaching with Lucy Green’s Forest School. Through the University of Plymouth perceptual data is collecting in the caches.

Dominica Williamson
Leverhulme Trust Artist-in-residence
The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Plymouth University

A trained artist and designer, I draw my inspiration from the landscape. Through my work, which blends fine art practice with design, I want to push boundaries and create projects that will have a lasting, positive impact on people and the natural environment. My areas of expertise are concept and design development, as well as drawing, painting, typography and model-making. I aim to create process-based, collaborative work, which questions and searches for sustainable methodologies and tools, and exploits bold illustration and communication styles.

Since 2000, my primary focus has been mapping. I worked for Green Map System in New York, an organization that engaged over 900 communities in 65 countries in mapping green living, nature and culture. I then initiated two mapping projects and collaborated with programmers. Both projects concerned the landscape I grew up in, and dealt with the political and technical nature of open data.


Understanding Beech casts with Pip Richard’s of Sustrust. Dominica is drawing the nuts, leaves and will map key trees with the help of Sustrust.

Dr John Martin

Leverhulme artist-in-residence award
The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Plymouth University

Dr Martin is involved with a number of large-scale research projects that range from working with local Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) in South Devon, North Devon and Tamar, to statutory and non-statutory agencies including Natural England, the Environment Agency and English Heritage.

His research interests are:
Landscape Character Assessment
Use of ubiquitous technologies in landscape management, protection and planning
Seascape Assessment
The application of Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS) in Landscape Character Assessment and
Geo-environmental Engineering
Sustainable and inclusive development of brownfield sites.


Dr. John Martin and Dr. Victor Abbot clearing the way for a laser scanner to work

Ahmed Hamdullah Alboabidallah
Current Ph.D. student The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Plymouth University.

Ph.D. titled “The use of remote sensing data to automate the design of land use (ground surface) and ecosystem services” (2013- 2016) – one of the fieldwork areas of my Leverhulme Trust residency


Ahmed out with a robot in the forest, measuring the biomass of trees


Pip Richards
Director of the Sustainable Trust, which manages Crenver Grove, Camborne, Cornwall – one of the two main study areas of my Leverhulme Trust residency.

The Sustainable Trust was granted charitable status in 2002. Its objectives are:
To advance the education of the public in, and to research or fund research into, the principles and
practice of sustainable development
To conserve, protect, manage and restore for the benefit of the public the natural resources, animals and plant life of Cornwall
To advance the education of the public in the ecology, conservation and management of different habitats.


Pip in Crenver Grove, which she rescued from Time Share development over a decade ago

Image by Pip’s family.

All photographs and artwork on this site are by Dominica unless otherwise stated . All ‘Rate My View’ promotional photography and the portrait of the artist are by Andy Hughes.