tagscape on the way to Zanzibar!

Karyn and I are on the way to a three-day workshop in Pemba, an Island of Zanzibar, from the 24th -26th July. It is focused on building resilience amongst coastal communities to changes in coral reefs. We are going to work together with the project team of Mwambao to facilitate community planning in ‘resource management planning’ using various visual methods as a way to share sustainable community marine resource management experiences. The workshop will be conducted in Wete and will be attended by Fisheries staff and fishermen from the community of Fundo village and its vicinity. This visual workshop was triggered due to the experience we gained from working with Ali Thani of Mwambao in Mauritius, and due to the foresight of Karyn Morrissey, Senior Lecturer, European Centre for the Environment and Human Health who applied for the funding for us to attend the workshop as part of the PML/Nerc funded project called Coral Communities.