Dresden approaching

This month I go to Dresden and give a paper about #tagscape at a conference called Energy Landscapes Perception, Planning, Participation and Power. I then travel to Bristol to present the project and other mapping jobs I have been involved in. It’s good timing, the rest of July and August have been difficult in terms of advancing the project. Things like the leaves on the trees have not helped me with I.D skills, and I haven’t found it easy to take GPS readings in the woods. And then of course, everyone is on holiday.
Just before Dresden, I will finalise how I am going to database perceptual and natural data. In October, I can then start resolving technical and production issues. It’ll be good to present what I have learnt and my plan of action.  Plus, I need to start critically evaluating the project and I don’t think there’s a better way than to share the work with an academic community who are into landscape.